A major Republican donor launched a sexual misconduct lawsuit against one of Donald Trump’s top aides on Oct. 1.

Trashelle Odom accuses former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski of using unwelcome language and behaving aggressively towards her at a Las Vegas dinner, on Sept. 26.

The accuser claims Lewandowski scared her when suggesting he has great influence over the former president’s circle, and a history of violence.

“[I felt] intimidated and frightened and fearful for my safety and that of my family members,” she said in a statement obtained by Politico. “He thought he had a sense of ownership over me from the start.”

Attorney Matthew Taylor, who is advising Odom and her family, confirmed his client requested police intervention for the “purposes of prosecution.” The attorney refused to comment before judicial proceedings begin.

“It is premature to respond to something that has not been filed up until now and that we have not seen, and we will respond if appropriate,” Taylor said according to the publication.

Lewandowski is a longtime adviser to the previous president. The 48 year-old had conflicts with family members about his portrayal of Trump’s image. The 2016 Trump campaign team briefly fired him and reinstated him shortly after.

The Trump Super Political Action Committee (PAC) responded to the harassment allegations by relieving Lewandowski of charing the MAGA Action PAC–a position the previous president appointed him to.

Multiple GOP politicians have distanced themselves from Lewandowski. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and Nebraska gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster are no longer involved with him according to Politico.

Noem and Herbster also attended the Las Vegas dinner in question. This suggests others could have witnessed, or tried to stop, Lewandowski from behaving inappropriately at the event.

The accuser’s husband, John Odom, still supports Trump and thanked the MAGA Action PAC for relieving Lewandowski of chairman duties.

“We believe in law enforcement and are hopeful that the police and prosecutors will use this information to pursue justice,” Odom said according to the publication. “Accountability is sorely needed.”

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