In the last few hours, a new report was added to one of President Trump’s lawyers. Jenna Ellis, who works intensively as legal adviser to the president, has received a variety of serious threats. 

The hatred from certain sectors is relentless and there are already several cases in which they have tried to force President Trump’s lawyers not only to defend the president but democracy and the values of all Americans.

Jenna Ellis, who serves as President Trump’s personal attorney and legal adviser, told Breitbart that she feared the enormous number of late-night calls from unknown numbers and threatening messages in an attempt to intimidate her about her work as a lawyer. 

Among the messages she received, Ellis showed one from an unknown person that was particularly hateful and completely reprehensible, “You are a S%#/. You are the reason people despise humanity. You deserve to be raped,” said the message she received and forwarded to Breitbart.

The intimidation also appeared on social networks. In one action that was promoted by anti-Trump organizations, several users posted various personal details such as Ellis’s phone number or email address on their social networks, encouraging people to contact her to complain, insult her, or intimidate her. 

Such is the case with Troll @ER who posted a message on Twitter a few days ago saying, “Jenna Ellis is a member of the Colorado Bar Association. Here’s where you can complain about her: Direct link to the online form:”

Unfortunately, the media that defends the interests of the left and the Democrats are often functioning as accomplices to these situations that they are obviously not interested in covering. And what is even worse, in some cases it is the bullies themselves. 

As reported by Ellis, a CNN reporter falsely claimed that she has an expired attorney’s license, prompting a barrage of late-night calls claiming that absurd lie.

The Washington Post ran a pitiful story in which the headline reads, Yes, Pursuing Trump Law Firms is Fair Play.

Despite the attacks, Ellis responded on her Twitter account with an encouraging message, saying, “I keep getting a barrage of threats & false accusations from Dems and ‘reporter’ activists. My only comment is this: Do your worst. I’m not intimidated. I won’t back down. My mission is Truth, my God is the Lord Jesus Christ, and my client is the President of the United States.”

A few days ago, another lawyer who is part of President Donald Trump’s legal team, Linda Kerns, also reported that she had received threats, this time from members of the firm that advises the government of Pennsylvania. Politico reported that the situation occurred in reference to the lawsuits for electoral fraud carried out by the Republican campaign in the state governed by the Democrats.

Using another of the dirty strategies to try to achieve its objectives, the well-known leftist group, Shutdown DC, promoted a cyber collective action through which it seeks to have thousands of people harass via email and telephone a Trump campaign law firm in the electoral trials, looking for them to resign.

According to The Federalist, the group Shutdown DC notified its followers of the action they are promoting through an email. The objective of the action is to have falsehoods go viral about the law firm by seeking to generate a kind of “public pressure” that would lead them to resign.

In the email, there are instructions for participants to follow, “Here’s what you should do: call and email the King & Spalding attorney below and tell them how you feel about what their firm is doing.” Several phone call scripts and various templates for use in email harassment are then detailed.

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