Brazilian health authorities have suspended the phase 3 clinical trial of a vaccine against the CCP Virus, arguing a “serious adverse event.”

The vaccine involved is called CoronaVac and belongs to a Chinese origin laboratory called Sinovac Biotech.

According to Reuters, the suspension occurred after the death of a trial volunteer. President Jair Bolsonaro criticized the credibility of the vaccine and said his country would not buy it.

Brazil’s National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) stated they would be halting the CoronaVac vaccine trial and that data on clinical research volunteers is confidential to protect participants. Anvisa gave no further detail or their reasons for the suspension.

“After the occurrence of a serious adverse event, Anvisa determined the interruption of the clinical study of the CoronaVac vaccine.

The event that occurred on 10/29 was communicated to the Agency, which decided to interrupt the study to evaluate the data observed so far and judge the risk/benefit of continuing the study,” informed Anvisa in its official notification.

The Butantan Institute of Sao Paulo would produce the vaccine once it is approved. The institute’s spokesperson reported that one of the trial volunteers had died, although the causes were not detailed.

The Chinese laboratory which owns the vaccine, only provided a confusing comment on its website: “We have noticed some media reports. After communicating with the Brazilian partner Butantan Institute, we learned the head of Butantan Institute believed that this serious adverse event (SAE) is not related to the vaccine. Sinovac will continue to communicate with Brazil on this matter. “

The suspension of the trial reawakened the controversy in Brazil regarding the CCP Virus vaccine.

President Jair Bolsonaro, who follows the same anti-communist ideological line as U.S. President Trump, refused from the beginning to develop CoronaVac, precisely because of its Chinese origin.

On Tuesday morning, Brazil’s president published on his Facebook account that the suspension was “another victory for Jair Bolsonaro.”

His political rival Joao Doria, governor of Sao Paulo, against the president’s will, announced the purchase of some 120,000 doses of the Chinese vaccine. That vaccine arrives in Sao Paulo at the end of this month for local use, along with the material to produce some 40 million doses.

“Death, disability, anomaly,” Bolsonaro published on his Facebook page.

“This is the vaccine that Doria wanted to force everyone to take in Sao Paulo.”

The president said the vaccine should never be mandatory.

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