According to information available to Breitbart News, Republican Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) introduced three bills on Sept. 9 to combat violent protesters who under leftist policies have been advancing in recent months and continue to threaten law and order in American communities. 

“Under lenient leftist policies, insurrectionists around the country continue to pillage America’s communities. It’s past time we cracked down on their destructive actions,” Cotton told Breitbart News. “My legislation will incapacitate these rioters to prevent further destruction and increase penalties against them, making the punishment fit their crimes.”

The new package developed by Cotton is designed to stop violent protesters from getting out of jail easily after being arrested, create avenues for riot victims to sue the violent ones, and limit federal unemployment benefits to those proven to have been involved in criminal activity.

The first bill, called the “Rioting Restitution Act” aims directly to prevent the payment of any kind of bail for those accused of participating in organized violence. 

The second bill, the “Riot Restoration Act,” will be, as Cotton’s office told Breitbart, “a federal, private, civil cause of action against rioters who meet the federal definition of rioting.” This would, among other things, double or triple the damages established under the statute.

The third bill would work as a complement to the already existing bill, the “Peaceful Protest Support Act,” which makes those convicted of rioting on the streets and holding federal office ineligible for all types of federal unemployment benefits, including the CARES Act, which also provides for a one-time payment of unemployment insurance, as a measure taken to address the economic crisis caused by the CCP Virus.

The violent protests that took place throughout the country after the death of George Floyd, May 25, exposed the impunity with which leftist groups act, especially in the cities governed by Democrats. 

The presidential race between incumbent President Trump and his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, was marked by these truly alarming demonstrations by the American left. And they made clear where each other stood on the issue. 

While the Trump administration and its Republican officials did not hesitate from the beginning to condemn the movements and fight to impose law and order, offering, among other things, federal police forces in the most affected cities and legislation such as those mentioned above, they had to face the Democratic resistance that opposed condemning the violence and to collaborate minimally to dissipate the disturbances by putting obstacles to all the actions taken by the Republicans.

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