The Senate accepted by vote the presentation of witnesses in the impeachment trial, which Democrats pushed against former President Donald Trump, when many were already preparing to vote. 

Democrats leading the impeachment trial wanted to call Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-Wash.)  to testify, opening the way for Trump’s defense attorneys to do so as well, The Daily Wire reported Feb. 13. 

The list of witnesses on Trump’s behalf reportedly totals 301, which would significantly lengthen the trial, perhaps for days or even weeks.

Twitter user @disclosetv, made the announcement of the number of witnesses. 

“Trump’s defense team has 301 witnesses ‘so far’ that they want to call,” @disclosetv tweeted.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) proposed calling those at the Jan. 6 event to testify.

“If the House Managers call Rep Herrera Beutler as a witness, the first witness Trump’s lawyers should call is Nancy Pelosi. Several Qs she should answer: What did you know about threats to the Capitol? When? Did you turn down the National Guard because of ‘optics’? Cruz would ask.

This trial has caused outrage to many Americans who interpret it as political manipulation by Democrats. This is what Twitter user @vicky_arterburn said, “Now Trump’s defense team can call the FBI and the Capitol Police and the Democrats because they knew ahead of time that this attack was going to happen Capitol Police ask for more help and the National Guard and Democrats denied it it’s all political with Democrats and antifa!”

Even though the trial was deemed unconstitutional it was pursued, so some don’t view it seriously and are just waiting for it to be over. 

“Everyone is waiting for the final act of the biggest skit in American history!” @sama7427 wrote.

Notwithstanding the irregularities presented, the consensus indicates that the results will be favorable for Trump, who could emerge stronger as has happened with the multiple times in which the Democrats have tried to impeach him, without success.