Sen.Ted Cruz (R-Texas) participated in a rally in Georgia on Dec. 19 and called for the prosecution and conviction of those involved in the voter fraud that occurred in the Nov. 3 presidential election, Washington Examiner reported.

The demonstration in Georgia was held to support the two Republican candidates for the Senate, Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Sen. David Perdue, who will be declared should they win the runoff on Jan. 5, one day before the vote count in Congress.

These two seats are of the utmost importance because they will determine whether the Republicans will retain control of the Senate or lose their majority.

Cruz’s comments echo those of recent tweets by We the People attorney Lin Wood, who hinted that President Trump could seek jail time for Georgia’s governor and secretary of state for failing to fulfill their roles in defending the election and allowing massive fraud in their state.

Cruz said Americans want the same policies as the state of Texas: low taxes, few regulations, more jobs, and maintaining conservative values. He also stated that Georgians do not want socialism, which is imminent if the Democrats take control of the Senate.

According to Perdue’s interview in Breitbart, the proposals by Democratic candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff range from abortion to defunding the police and amnesty for all illegal aliens.

On the night of Nov. 3 in Georgia, when President Trump was winning the state election, district employees sent Republican poll watchers home, claiming a ruptured water pipe and that the count would continue the next day.

However, not only was it learned later that the rupture was not real, but more than one video emerged from the security cameras showing two employees taking bags of ballots from under a table to be counted when no one was there.

By the next day, the Democrat candidate had taken the lead after these illegal ballots were counted.

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