Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said he demanded a meeting with the U.S. Marine Corps’ commandant after one of the service’s units tweeted insults to Tucker Carlson, as well as unusually belligerent remarks about the Fox News host.

“Under Biden, the military is launching political attacks to intimidate Tucker Carlson & other civilians who criticize their policy decisions,” Cruz wrote on Twitter, demanding a meeting with the Marine Corps commandant. “Officials in uniform are being used for the campaign. I’ve demanded a meeting with the Commandant of the USMC to put a stop to it.”

The II Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group, a Twitter account run by the US Marine Corps, said it “messed up” in its response to Carlson after the Fox host said the military should be focusing on adversaries like the CCP rather than social problems over the weekend.

“We are human and we messed up. What was intended as a tweet in support of our female Marines and sisters serving in uniform was clearly not aligned with our standard practices or an appropriate representation of the Marine Corps. We will do better and serve the people,” the Marine unit added.

Cruz did point out a few seemingly odd comments from the military, including one from Senior Enlisted Leader of the Space Force Command Marine Corps Master Gunnery Sgt. Scott Stalker, who said in a video that Carlson’s viewpoint is “based on zero days of service in the armed forces.” Stalker seemed to be dressed in his usual garb. Army Sgt. Major Michael Grinston also chastised the Fox host, while Defense Department spokesman John Kirby, a retired rear admiral and former CNN analyst, released a statement titled, “Press Secretary Smites Fox Host That Dissed Diversity in U.S. Military.”

Cruz wrote to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, saying he is “deeply troubled” by how the Pentagon has “[mobilized] systematic, public attacks against television host Tucker Carlson that in substance, tone, and political resonance are inexplicably inappropriate.”

“Instead of allowing the debate to take its course in public among American citizens and their elected leaders,” Cruz wrote, “military officials over the last week have repeatedly launched attacks on Carlson, including through official DOD platforms and accounts while in uniform.”

Cruz went on to say that this “spectacle risks politicizing the military after several centuries of efforts to keep military officials out of domestic affairs,” as well as undermining “civil-military relations by having the military take a side in a contentious cultural dispute.” He went on to say that such action is more typical of a “Third World country” than of the United States.

On his famous nightly show last week, Carlson said that the Pentagon had essentially “declare[d] war on a domestic news operation.”

“How do sex changes in the military make this country safer? That’s not a trick question. It’s not another volley in the culture war. It’s the only question that matters—literally, the only question that matters. But no one bothered to ask it, probably because no one can remember why the U.S. military exists,” Carlson mentioned the military’s growing focus on identity politics.

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