An official, whose job is to make sure Senators do not vote against the position of party leaders, was strongly criticized after promising to act impartially during the next step of the president’s impeachment process.

Social media users targeted minority leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) after he claimed he would not take sides at Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate.

The Democrat, who has repeatedly called for impeachment of the president, vowed to stay impartial throughout the trial and said he had still not decided whether Trump is guilty of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

“I am withholding any final decision until we hear all the evidence and one of the reasons that we want these witnesses and documents is so that we can hear the full, full length and breadth of what happened,” Schumer can be heard saying on a video uploaded by C-Span.

The senator also claimed he had no knowledge of what any witnesses would discuss at the trial, and there is a chance they will pardon Trump or majority leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) when they take the stand and testify.

“I do not know what these four witnesses will say,” Schumer said. “Perhaps they will exculpate McConnell, I mean exculpate Trump. Maybe they will further condemn him.”

However, the promise received a lackluster response on Breitbart’s Facebook page, with most of the 3,000 comments from across the nation expressing frustration with Schumer.

“What a guy, he’s going to be an impartial prosecutor, juror, and judge,” said Bill Koenig from Lowell, Mass. “Three for the price of one, what a deal for America.”

“Yeah right! Schumer, we don’t and never will believe that you will be fair and impartial,” said Harvey Thompson from Memphis, Tenn.

Police Emerald Society past President Joe Dougherty encouraged others to take a “good look” at Schumer.

“Now tell yourself he has it within him to act in an impartial manner,” he said. “I thought so. Next!”

The senator defended his impartiality by claiming no decision would be made until the witnesses are heard.

“We do not know the answer to that” Schumer said. “Before we make any final decisions, any of us, we ought to hear them.”

The remarks only further infuriated social media users who felt the senator was insulting their ability to think for themselves.

“Yes we are completely gullible and trust that you will or even can be impartial,” Vincent Santamaria said. “You would have been better off just keeping your bull s—t to yourself.”

Securus Technologies Proposal Strategy Executive Eric Palfreyman believes Schumer has “never been impartial.”

“I marvel at how stupid they [the Democrats] think we are,” Palfreyman said. “[They] must be judging us by the people who keep voting them in over and over again.”