Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) has called on Congress to hold a hearing and investigate the World Health Organization’s (WHO) role in helping the Chinese Communist Party cover up information regarding the threat of the CCP Virus (coronavirus).

“The @WHO receives millions of dollars in US taxpayer $$ and helped the Chinese Communist Party cover up a global pandemic,” Scott tweeted on Tuesday, March 31. “I’m calling for a Congressional investigation into what the WHO knew and when they knew it.”

In a statement attached to the tweet, the senator said that he has called on the WHO to do its own in-depth analysis on the extent of the CCP Virus since February, but “they haven’t done” it.

Scott said the mission of the WHO is to get public health information to the world so every country can make the best decisions to keep their citizens safe.

“When it comes to coronavirus, the WHO failed. They need to be held accountable for their role in promoting misinformation and helping Communist China cover up a global pandemic,” he wrote.

“We know Communist China is lying about how many cases and deaths they have, what they knew and when they knew it—and the WHO never bothered to investigate further. Their inaction cost lives,” he continued.

The Florida senator called for a hearing and “full investigation” once Congress returns.

“As soon as Congress is back in session, there should be a hearing, along with a full investigation, to review whether American taxpayers should continue to spend millions of dollars every year to fund an organization that willfully parroted propaganda from the Chinese Communist Party,” he said.

The Scott pointed out some examples to show the WHO is acting as a pawn for the Chinese Communist Party. They include: Chinese state-run media continually use WHO official Bruce Aylward’s comments for its propaganda; Praising China’s virus pandemic response and transparency even as Chinese officials noted the issues with their own response to the virus; Refusing to answer basic questions about Taiwan; and willfully parroting propaganda from the Communist Party, spreading misinformation that puts families health at risk.

According to Fox News, the United States is the single largest contributor to the WHO, funding nearly $116 million per year for the organization, and also voluntarily giving between $100 million and $400 million more per year to its specific projects.

The coronavirus outbreak, which began in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019, has now sickened thousands worldwide. In the United States, the virus pandemic has grown to at least 189,753 cases and killed 4,100 Americans by Wednesday.

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