Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) showed policies that confirm the Democrats are socialists, according to him.

“They are killing jobs. They won’t open schools. You know, open borders. All these things. And what we are going to be known for, we are going to help families,” Scott said on “America’s Newsroom” cited by Breitbart on Feb. 25. 

“To beat this threat—the threat of socialism, crushing debt, loss of freedom—we must focus on addition, not subtraction; on looking forward, not backward,” Scott had said in a letter to voters, activists, leaders, and donors of the Republican Party, according to Fox News. 

For Scott, it is a priority to take advantage of the options presented on the political landscape and work for them, instead of insisting on previous quarrels that could weaken the forcefulness of the answers given to citizens. 

“The long running impeachment show is now over. Now is the time to look ahead,” encouraged Scott, who is also the chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). 

He also presented the context in which the Democrats, who despite controlling the Senate and the House, have only created adverse situations for the nation, instead of building in its favor. 

“Here is what they have done and are in the process of doing so far: cutting border security, granting amnesty to illegals, canceling the Keystone pipeline destroying thousands of jobs, allowing males to compete in women’s sports, banning fracking on federal lands making us less energy independent, and using tax dollars to pay for abortion in foreign countries,” summarized Scott.

In addition to proposing a great journey to take back Congress, he laid out some areas where his party would make contributions to Americans. 

“Republicans are going to be known and we are going to win because we care about your job, your kids’ education, we are going to fund the police—we are not going to do what the Democrats are doing, defund the police,” he warned.

He added, “We are going to make sure we have a strong military because we want to defend our freedoms, and we want to keep our freedoms. We are not going down the path of socialism.”

Certainly, former President Donald Trump’s supporters feel his absence and evidence of this is reflected in a recent poll, which points out how the working class is massively abandoning the Democrats to join the Republican Party, mainly due to the globalist policies of the Biden administration, reported the Washington Examiner.

According to the survey the Republican Party gained 12% in membership over the past 10 years and most of this Democrat exodus occurred during the tenure of former President Donald Trump.

Considered a hard-to-reach segment for Republicans, support from the working class, which is made up of a significant proportion of Latinos and African Americans, grew by 13% and 12%, respectively, between 2010 and 2020.

Overall support for the Republican Party among the entire working class, including the white population, currently stands at 57%.

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