Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-Pa.) wants Joe Biden to make an official visit Pennsylvania with a condition. The catch is he must discuss election integrity and why there needs to be a full forensic audit across the Commonwealth.

“Millions of Pennsylvanians have serious doubts about the accuracy of the 2020 general election,” Mastriano said in an open letter to the president on July 12.

The senator citied a January poll from Muhlenberg University that found 40 percent of Keystone State voters do not believe the 2020 presidential election accurately reflects how they cast their ballot. He believes a full forensic investigation is necessary for the sake of transparency and accountability.

Mastriano stressed anyone concerned about election integrity should have those concerns investigated and addressed. Those who claim there was no voter fraud or irregularities at the election will also be heard.

“People of our Commonwealth should have confidence that their vote counts [and] it takes accountability and transparency to ensure that our elections are free and fair,” he said in the letter. “We need to come together as a transparent forensic investigation of the 2020 election in Pennsylvania will go a long way to restore trust in our system.”

Mastriano’s remarks came one day before Biden was scheduled to travel to Philadelphia to deliver remarks on “actions to protect the sacred, constitutional right to vote.”

However, Donald Trump suspects his successor is only interested in visiting Pennsylvania “in a rush” to stop the forensic audit that Pennsylvania’s Republican Senate is “in the process of doing.”

“Why are they so concerned that a president, who never goes anywhere, would hop onto beautiful Air Force One and head to Philadelphia if it were an honest election?” he said on Gab. “Why not let the audit go forward and make everybody, on both sides, happy?”

The former president described the City of Brotherly Love as one of many cesspools of corruption that the audit will eventually expose.

“Results will be the results but they know it was not an honest election,” he said. “Philadelphia was one of the most corrupt cities in the country—and so is Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Oakland, and Baltimore.”

Trump believes corruption has existed for years and reached unprecedented levels in 2020. BL understands this is due to the Democratic Party allegedly using mail-in ballots and Chinese Communist Party Virus restrictions to cheat.

“Joe should say go forward with this, with all of these audits [during his visit,]” the previous president said. “He does not need to visit, all he needs to do is let them do an audit and find out what happened … [so] let the forensic audit go, Joe.”

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