Has the Democratic Party become so full of radicals that they can’t win the 2020 election? Do they care about improving the lives of average Americans? Unlike President Trump, who is doing just that.

The push for impeachment of the president is all about a power grab. If they can achieve what they intend, they will take away your rights.

Your right to carry weapons, even the police force, will be overhauled under their rule.

Free health care for illegal aliens, the gender issue. The list goes on. There has been no precedent for all of this, and it won’t win the Democrats an election. That may answer why the impeachment push.

An election next year against President Trump’s policies and those of the Democratic Party are like chalk and cheese; there will be no contest. The average American doesn’t support radical Democratic ideas. So the push to remove the president before an election is a desperate grab for power.

Protesters with “Kremlin Annex” call to impeach President Donald Trump in Lafayette Square Park in front of the White House, onSept. 24, 2019. (Carolyn Kaster/AP Photo)

Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) spoke with Fox News host Neil Cavuto on Oct. 19 and expressed an opinion that suggests he agrees with the president’s statement that Nancy Pelosi is a “third rate politician.”

“When I watch the House impeachment proceedings, I’m both perplexed and appalled,” he said. “Here is what I hear Nancy Pelosi and Chairman Schiff saying to the American people: ‘You’re stupid, and we’re smart.'”

“I hear them saying to the American people, ‘You’re so stupid, you can’t govern yourselves.’ I hear them saying, ‘You’re so stupid that you chose President Trump over Secretary Clinton, and we’ve got to fix it for you,'” he added.

Pelosi, at her press conference last week, emphatically said, “The voters are not going to decide whether we honor our oath of office. They already decided that in the last election.”

“I hear them saying, ‘You’re so stupid, we’re not even going to show you the evidence. You can’t handle it. We’re going to do all of this behind closed doors and then tell you what we’re going to do,'” said Kennedy to Cavuto.

Exploiting a loophole in congressional rules has enabled Pelosi and the Democrats to hold a formal impeachment without a House vote, conduct secret meetings, and deny the president any access.


“I find it perplexing because I read these stories about Nancy Pelosi and what an extraordinarily talented politician she is and how she’s a strategic thinker and a major tactician, and I think to myself, ‘Does she really believe the American people are going to fall for this?'” he said.

“I know that Speaker Pelosi is a smart lady. She is not dumb. But if this were anybody else, I would be thinking to myself, ‘It must suck to be that dumb,'” he added.

Pelosi is a power-hungry Democrat. Pelosi said, “The voters are not going to decide whether we honor our oath of office. They already decided that in the last election.” 

“I don’t mind having a public—not behind-closed-doors debate with the president or anybody else about our conduct with respect to the Kurds or whether the issue is health care or whatever,” he continued.

“But I’ve always believed, and I will continue to believe—shoot me when I stop believing this—that the ultimate arbiter is the American people,” he added.

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