During a press conference on Wednesday, Jan. 22,  held by Republican senators, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) ripped into Democrats for the way they are conducting the impeachment trial against the president of the United States.

“When it comes to replacing (Trump) 9 months plus from the election, you got an uphill battle with me because I really do believe that the best person—group of people to pick a president—are the voters, not a bunch of partisan politicians,” Graham said. “To my Democratic colleagues, you can say what you want about me but I am covering up nothing.”

Graham said the Democrats are “on a crusade” to destroy the president. “I wouldn’t give them the time of day,” he said, adding, “They don’t care what they destroy in the process of trying to destroy Donald Trump.”

“I do care,” he added. Graham said he is exposing the hatred Democrats have toward the president. He explained how a Democratic-controlled House impeached the president in 48 days, using a process where he was unable to call a lawyer, couldn’t have any witnesses testify, and now they want to “hold it against him because he wants to object to turning over documents to them.”

This impeachment trial will not matter to Americans in November when they go to the polls. What will be important to voters is what the president has done for them, and what he will continue to do in the future.
Graham said people will look at the Democratic alternative and ask themselves, “Will I be better off with this person versus Trump?”

Although voters will not remember the impeachment trial, Graham said he will remember it “for a very long time.”

On Sunday he told Fox News host Chris Wallace Nancy Pelosi had “orchestrated the trial of holy hell” against President Donald Trump. “You took 48 days to impeach this president,” he said. “You did not allow him to call any witnesses. He could not have a lawyer present during the House Intel Committee. This has been a partisan railroad job. And you’re asking for fairness in the Senate? You violated every norm of what we do.”

“This has been a political hit job. This is political revenge. What they’re doing to the presidency is a danger to the institution itself,” he told Wallace.