Various civil organizations and officials in Georgia are expressing their concern about Democratic senatorial candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, assuring that if they win they will press for the defunding the police force and limit the actions of officials, putting the security of society at risk and deepening socialist policies.

Ossoff and Warnock have been frequently criticized by conservatives because of their recurring comments against the police and their closeness to the radicalized sectors of the left, who are pressing for the defunding of the police. 

Ossoff expressed in June the need to make “entire police departments accountable,” arguing that funding “has to be in line with their behavior.”

Warnock also similarly criticized the police for their alleged “gangster and thug” behavior, making a generalization of the police force that only serves to provoke hate and prejudice. 

The social resistance that exists in a large part of society to this type of measure led to major defeats for the Democrats in Congress in the November elections. This is causing Democratic candidates in January elections, and even Joe Biden himself, to limit and soften their speech on the subject.

However, civil groups and Republican legislators find the change unconvincing, and rather claim that it is a political strategy for the January elections. 

During a press conference on Tuesday, a group of Georgia marshals accused Ossoff and Warnock of working to “make things easier for the criminal element,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

“The safety of this entire country is at stake,” Gwinnett County Sheriff Butch Conway said. “All we’ve heard for months from the Democratic Party is ‘defund the police.’ I understand Joe Biden’s talking the other way now, not wanting to talk about defunding the police until after this election, but that doesn’t change anything.”

Ossoff and Warnock will face Perdue and Loeffler, respectively, on Jan. 5. While early voting in the state is already underway, it is no accident that at least 93 Georgia sheriffs have endorsed Ossoff’s opponent, Republican Sen. David Perdue. The state’s Fraternal Order of Police has also endorsed both Perdue and Loeffler. 

Warnock, too, is at the center of criticism and investigations into November’s election fraud. The New Georgia Project, an organization he led, is being investigated for sending ballot applications to nonresidents. According to the allegations, Warnock helped register some 400,000 people from other states so that they can vote for the Democratic candidate in Georgia in January. 

The investigation was prompted by a possible violation of state law that may have occurred when the organization sent voter registration applications to New York City, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

The Black PAC, a capital fund financed by leftist millionaires George Soros and Bloomberg, staunch advocates of radical leftist policies and underfunding of police forces, aims to boost the vote of black citizens. It recently reported that it spent $300,000 on the election campaign for the two Democratic candidates Warnock and Jon Ossoff in the Georgia runoff election.

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