Fox News host Sean Hannity applauded President Trump’s new economic record according to the report of the Labor Department released on Friday, Dec. 6.

The host celebrated the epic success in job generation and unemployment rate, which he commented to be the best result since 1969.

According to the statement of Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia, the private sector in the United States added 266,000 jobs and lowered the unemployment rate to 3.5%, equaling a historic low in the last half-century.

Also, wages have grown 3.0% or more for 16 consecutive months, said the report published on Friday, Dec. 6.

Hannity particularly emphasized the number of 54,000 jobs added in manufacturing, citing “Oh, those are the jobs Barack Obama said were never coming back.”

He continued to comment that even the left-winged media including CMBC, Cable, CNN can not refute these records, “Numbers, they don’t lie.”

The host highlighted the achievement of the United States by comparing it with Canada’s poor result of losing jobs by noting “it is not the worldwide trend.”

Hannity slammed Democrats for not contributing effectively to the United States in three years except  “They hate Donald Trump.”

He further rebuked Democrats for the so-called socialist fantasies, which includes the Green New Deal, “Medicare for All,” calling them baseless. 

The Fox News host turned to attack Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden on evading the elderly voter in Iowa about his involvement in his son Hunter Biden’s business with Burisma Holdings. Hannity said, “Joe’s clearly agitated because he has a lot to hide.” He added, “American people get it, it can’t fool the American people.”

He ripped the “impeachment hoax” set out by the House Democrats, citing it is helpless and just hurting the country, “Helping the lives of the American people, none of that matters to them. And it happened in spite of them, because they offered no help.”