With President Trump and Joe Biden on a collision course for months, it was bound to spill over into the first presidential debate, and that it did on Tuesday night, Sept. 29.

It was a real contest; it was divided. A real fight is happening for the ‘soul of this country,’ says Sean Hannity, and on Tuesday night, it bubbled over into the debate.

During the debate, the president had no room for rebuttal, so he continued to interrupt; what else could he do? The debate moderator was quick to reprimand the president for his interruptions but allowed Biden much more leeway.

Biden made President Trump the sole topic, there was no policy on show; he made Trump out to be the “bad guy” and made him look rude by having to interrupt to defend himself.

The host of “Hannity,” Sean Hannity, has stepped into the arena to address the debate’s mainstream media reaction.

“Let me address the media mob, Democrats, Hollywood elites that are just so upset, so bothered by the contentious nature of the debate,” said Hannity.

He continued, “I know you have the vapors, please spare us your phony indignation, spare us the selective, feigned, phony outrage, because ever since Donald Trump descended that escalator at Trump Tower with his wife Melania, all of you holier-than-thou idiots have been waging nonstop the most disgusting, deceitful, dishonest smear campaign we’ve ever seen in American history.”

“You have lied to us for years, you have dragged this country through hell with your Russia conspiracy theory, lies and hoax—and it’s all been a lie the whole time,” he continued.

“Innocent people’s lives have been ruined and as a result, all of this is now disproven. None of you have apologized. I see no corrections from the media mob because they don’t care. Because they aren’t honest people.”

Hannity accused the media of “unloading all of your vile—and bile for that matter [in] repulsive unprecedented attacks on this president, his family, his supporters, and people who voted for him.

“The millions of Americans who voted to elect Donald Trump to the White House in 2016, are being lied to by the media and the Democrats. They have woken up to their deceitful games,” said Hannity.

“They have lacked basic decency for four years,” Hannity concluded. “But when they get a dose of it back to them, they want to know where is civility all of a sudden.

“OK. Democrats, media mob, Hollywood, same names, different day—please spare us your phony outrage over the tone and tenor of a presidential debate. We know what civility looks like to the left, we’ve watched you for the last four years.”

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