In an op-ed published on the Washington Times on Thursday, March 12, the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker revealed what the mainstream media ignored about the President Donald Trump’s 2020 White House bid.

Walker said that while the media outlets were all over the former Vice President Joe Biden after his primary victories in South Carolina and on Super Tuesday, they did not notice a critical point: a whopping number of voters are turning out for President Trump in the Republican primaries in 2020 even though he did not face credible opponents. 

“In New Hampshire, Mr. Trump received 129,734 votes. When Barack Obama faced no real opposition in 2012, he received 49,080 votes in the New Hampshire primary,” Walker noted. “That is a huge gap.”

“This was also true in a number of other states. In Alabama, Mr. Trump received 695,469 votes compared to then-President Obama’s 241,167 votes in 2012. In Arkansas, it was 240,789 for Mr. Trump compared to 94,936 for Mr. Obama,” he continued. “In Texas, Mr. Trump’s total vote count of 1,889,006 was more than Mr. Obama (520,410) and more than the combined votes for Joe Biden, [Sens.] Bernie Sanders [I-Vt.], Mike Bloomberg[D-N.Y.] and Elizabeth Warren[D-Mass.].”

The governor went on to explain why Republicans were turning out in such large numbers to show their support of President Trump.

“Republicans are ticked off at the partisan impeachment process,” he said. “They are ticked off at the biased mainstream media. And they are ticked off at the hysteria of the left.”

Walker reminisced about his recall election in 2012, in which he had noticed that Republicans were fed up with the “nasty protest and vial threats” from the liberals and they chose their own way to express their frustration: turn out in mass on Election Day and vote.

Walker highlighted the overwhelming support from independents, who felt the recall was not fair, that ultimately helped him win the recall election. 

“The same sense of fairness is at work in the primaries for president. Instead of protests, Republicans are showing up to vote. They are motivated. It is just like our primary in the recall election,” Walker concluded. “That, along with the general feeling by many Midwest independents that the impeachment process was not fair (like many felt about my recall election), is why Mr. Trump is on track to win in November.”

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