Speaking to reporters outside the White House Thursday, May 23, Sarah Sanders said, “It’s insane” to think infrastructure talks can continue. Sanders’s comments came after a heated day Wednesday between Democrats and President Trump with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accusing President Trump of a cover-up.

Sanders said: “Well I think the Democrats have shown that they’re not capable of doing anything else. So far they’ve been unwilling and unable to sit down and solve any real problems, whether it’s the crisis at the border, whether it’s infrastructure or anything else. It’s very hard to have a meeting where you accuse the president of the United States of a crime and then an hour later show up and act as if nothing’s happened.”




She went on to say, “The president has been perfectly clear on this matter. He has been talking about it since the State of the Union. Now the Mueller report has come to a close, it’s time to move on and focus on fixing the problems of the country.”

President Trump walked out of a meeting with Democratic leaders Wednesday, saying when congressional investigations wind down or completely end he will discuss working together on legislation.

The move came shortly after Pelosi met with her members in an attempt to tamp down talk of launching an impeachment process, but emerged from the meeting accusing President Trump of engaging in a “cover-up.”

Sarah Sanders explained, “She (Pelosi) accused him of a crime. Let that sink in. She didn’t say I don’t like you. She accused him of committing a crime after we spent two years going through this exhaustive investigative process with Bob Mueller and his team. We’ve spent millions and millions of taxpayer dollars. We’ve spent a number of hours sending individuals to testify, 500 different witnesses, dozens of subpoenas.”

Before leaving the press briefing Sanders said, “At some point you have to accept that it just didn’t happen and it’s time to move on.”

In an un planned press briefing in the Rose Garden Wednesday, President Trump defended his decision to walk out of the meeting, he later tweeted that Democrats are a “do-nothing party!”

With President Trump unwilling to negotiate with Democrats while they constantly investigate him, it is unclear whether Pelosi and Schumer can work with the president on infrastructure.