White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders dismissed the calls by Democrats for impeachment, saying it’s absurd, that the president is busy with the problems of the country, and that it would be nice if Democrats did the same. A reporter named Kristin asked, “Sarah, Democrats say the president is goading them to impeach him. Is he?” To which Sanders replied,That’s absurd. The president’s focused on actually doing his job. It would be nice if some of the Democrats showed up to do theirs.”

She continued to say, “We have a lot of big problems that we need to deal with. We have a humanitarian and national security crisis at our border. We have infrastructure that needs to be dealt with. We have the largest trade deal in the history of our country sitting on their desk waiting to go through Congress that would benefit farmers, manufacturers, unions, and they refuse to actually do any of those things.” The secretary finished her answer with, “At some point they have to make a decision, Kristin, if they’re going to do their jobs, they’re gonna show up and they’re going to legislate, or they’re going to continue to spend all their time on these ridiculous investigations.”

As Sanders spoke to reporters on the White House driveway, House Democrats were meeting behind closed doors on Capitol Hill Wednesday to discuss potential steps forward. Another reporter called out a question “Sarah, does the president see impeachment as something that would embolden him politically?” To which Sanders replied, “There’s no basis for it. It’s absurd on its face. That’s why there’s no support for it out in the country. The numbers have shown in poll after poll that there’s no support for it. That’s because there’s no basis for it.”


She concluded this answer with, “The president has done an incredible job in his first two and a half years. Our economy is booming, we’re better now than we were before he took office on a number of fronts, as well as the fact that the Mueller report, they spent two years investigating, hours, millions and millions of dollars in taxpayer money to determine that there was no wrongdoing. It’s time for the Democrats to accept that result.”

Apparently, some Democrats are calling for impeachment proceedings against President Trump while others like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi favor a more methodical approach and had already convened a meeting Wednesday about the party divide on the issue.

Responding to questions about the escalating standoff between the administration and Iran, the press secretary reiterated that all options are still on the table and said “Look, we’re, as the president has stated, he’s not looking to go to war with Iran. We’d like to see them change their behavior. We would like the decade’s worth of bad practices that they regularly engage in to stop.

And ended the questioning with “We know that the maximum pressure campaign is working, you can see that by the crumbling economy that they have. And we’ll see what happens from there. We’re gonna keep all of our options on the table.”

Includes reporting from The Associated Press.