Sen. Bernie Sanders criticized former Vice President Joe Biden’s approach to health care reform for “sounding like Donald Trump”, according to The New York Times.

“I am disappointed, I have to say, in Joe, who is a friend of mine, really distorting what Medicare for All is about,” said Sanders. “And unfortunately, he is sounding like Donald Trump. He is sounding like the health care industry in that regard.”

Two top-tier Democratic contenders have openly taken aim at each other on the critical battleground of one of the top priorities for Democratic candidates.

During a New Hampshire campaign swing, Biden attacked Sanders’s “Medicare for All” policy as too costly and complex a proposal to implement, saying that would raise taxes on the middle class and eliminate private health insurance.

Sanders fired back, releasing a video in which he accused Biden of “lying” about Medicare for All and joked about how much Americans love their private insurance. He said Biden’s health care approach aligns with “corporate greed.”

Democratic front-runner Joe Biden on Monday, July 15, unveiled a so-called Affordable Care Act that’s intended to preserve the most popular parts of “Obamacare.” His plan immediately drew fire from Republicans and health care industry lobbyists.

Lauren Crawford Shaver, executive director of the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future told Politico that his plan “would undermine the progress our nation has made and ultimately lead our nation down the path of a one-size-fits-all health care system run by Washington.”

Republicans also attacked Biden’s plan, pointing out the trouble that it would prompt. While some Wall Street analysts were skeptical of Biden’s public option proposal, arguing the plan was flawed.

“We suspect that provision is unlikely to be implemented, as it would allow employers to ‘dump’ the highest cost patients into exchanges,” wrote Raymond James in an investor’s note.

As these attacks are escalating between the top-tier Democratic contenders, opposing visions on health care reform have taken shape and split the Democratic field.