President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani on Tuesday, Jan. 28 called former National Security Adviser John Bolton a “backstabber” after a report revealed Bolton’s claims that could prove pivotal in President Trump’s impeachment trial. 

“He never said to me, ‘I’ve got a problem with what you are doing in Ukraine,'” Giuliani said in an interview with CBS News. “Never once, never winked, never sent me a little note. He is a personal friend, I thought. So here’s the only conclusion I can come to, and it’s a harsh one, and I feel very bad about it: He’s a backstabber.”

“If your friend was complaining about you behind your back and didn’t have the guts to come up to your face and tell you, “I think you’re screwin’ up, Catherine,” that’d be a backstabber.” Giuliani added. 

Giuliani denounced Bolton as a “swamp character” and said he “can’t imagine” that President Trump said what Bolton alleged in his upcoming book.

According to a report from The New York Times, Bolton wrote in a manuscript of his upcoming book that President Trump told him in August that he wanted to continue freezing nearly $400 million in security assistance to Ukraine until it announced investigations into Democrats, including former Vice President Joe Biden and his son’s business dealings in the country.

Several Republican senators and the White House have argued that Bolton may have leaked the manuscript to promote his book, which went live for preorders on Amazon just hours after the Times report broke, reported the Fox News. 

President Trump denied he told Bolton security aid for Ukraine was tied to investigations.

“Why didn’t John Bolton complain about this “nonsense” a long time ago, when he was very publicly terminated,” Trump tweeted late Tuesday. “He said, not that it matters, NOTHING!”

One of President Trump’s defense team Alan Dershowitz on Monday addressed Bolton’s claims during trial opening arguments, saying even if true, the allegations do not rise to the level of an impeachable offense. 

“Nothing in the Bolton revelations, even if true, would rise to the level of an abuse of power or an impeachable offense.” he said. “That is clear from the history, that is clear from the language of the Constitution. You cannot turn conduct that is not impeachable into impeachable conduct simply by using words like ‘quid pro quo’ and ‘personal benefit.'”

Earlier this month, Giuliani declared that he would be willing to testify at the president’s Senate impeachment trial, telling reporters that he has learned of “vast” corruption involving Democrats and Ukraine.

“What I learned is that the corruption in Ukraine is vast. It’s extensive. It highly involves the Democratic Party, not just in 2016, but for many years,” he said. “It will turn out to be a series of criminal acts that will involve the highest levels of the Obama administration. And it’s the reason why the Democratic Party is in panic.”

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