The Romanian government presented a memorandum on Jan. 27 that seeks to ban Chinese companies from participating in infrastructure construction due to their unfair competition and low standards, Breitbart reported.

According to Romanian Transport Minister Catalin Drula, Chinese companies have the financial backing of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), so they offer such cheap labor that no other company can compete against them.

But it is often unskilled labor, and the workers are not protected from labor exploitation and have no guaranteed rights, which violates the European bloc standards.

Romania is one of the Eastern European countries that signed the One Belt, One Road Initiative (BRI) with the CCP in 2015. There are currently several Chinese companies with multi-million-euro contracts in the country.

Although the Romanian government made no mention of any specific country in its announcement, if it becomes law, the memorandum would have the effect of excluding Chinese companies from public contracts for current and future road or rail projects.

Deputy Prime Minister Dan Bana said, “We only want to ensure that we will not have bidders that cannot respect EU standards … We would be then forced to lose money, cancel auctions and see more delays, in a period when Romania desperately needs to start infrastructure work.”

The CCP’s One Belt, One Road Initiative is destroying the sovereignty of its ‘partners’

Through the BRI, the CCP is attempting to expand its influence and global dominance. Still, in its zeal to do so, it has used malicious tactics that, fortunately, some governments, such as Romania’s, are coming to see.

Through what is called “debt-trap diplomacy,” the CCP has tried to gain influence by offering loans to developing countries in Asia, Africa, South America, and Eastern Europe. The loans give the CCP the opportunity to put the country into debt and the possibility of seizing property if they default.

According to The Conversation’s investigation, which looked at three cities where the One Belt, One Road Initiative is being developed, the CCP is seizing key territories.

“In Athens, Chinese state-owned shipping and logistics company COSCO is privatizing and extending the city’s Piraeus Port. The company seems to be aiming to make Piraeus a gateway for Chinese products to enter Europe,” the report says.

Another city under scrutiny by the investigation, also in Greece, is Colombo, where China Harbour Engineering is leading an initiative to reclaim part of the sea to create a city on the ocean and turn it into a vital hub of the BRI shipping route.

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