The Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee’s fundraising have set another record with $10 million added in just 48 hours after the House vote on impeachment, reported Fox News. With this number, the party has already amassed $63.2 million in cash, compared to Democratic National Committee’s $8.3 million. 

Federal Election Commission data shows that in November alone, the Republican National Committee’s fundraising amount reached $20.6 million, making that the best ever November in the party’s recorded history.

GOP Chairwoman Ronna Mc Daniel attributed the surge in Republican National Committee (RNC) fundraising to 600,000 new small-dollar donors recorded since the start of the impeachment against the president. 

Talking to Fox News, she said, “It shows that people are angry, they are passionate. They don’t want Democrats to take away their votes. So they do what they can, which is giving to the president.”

The president’s success with managing the U.S. economy and negotiating better trade deals has not gone unnoticed among voters, as one Twitter user said, “With the gains his policies have made on our income, the donations are a drop in the bucket.”

The RNC is confident Trump will be returned to office once the impeachment trial ends in the Senate.