A Northern Virginian governing body completely censured a regime that allegedly profits from killing its own people to sell organs to U.S. citizens and others worldwide.

Madison County unanimously passed Resolution 2021-6, which strongly denounces the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) forced organ harvesting practices. Peaceful Falun Gong meditation adherents arguably represent the biggest affected group, with an estimated 70 million to 100 million people practicing in mainland China alone.

“[The Board of Supervisors] strongly condemns the illegal and immoral practice of organ harvesting regardless of where it occurs,” the resolution wording said. “This resolution is to be provided to the Madison County delegation to the Virginia General Assembly, and its congressmen and U.S. senators.”

The board will also help inform residents about the ethical risks of traveling to mainland China for an organ transplant.

“All individuals should be informed of the potential sources of organs before they make the decision to travel to a foreign country for the purpose of buying, selling, or receiving organs,” the wording said. “The Madison County Board of Supervisors desires to assist in raising awareness of this issue.”

The county also proposed further naming and shaming of the CCP’s different crimes.

“[There should also be] verbiage to denote that the crimes are being committed towards those known as Falun Gong practitioners comments from the board,” the wording said.

Madison County Supervisor Kevin McGhee suggested the Virginia General Assembly could make even more representations on behalf of Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) adherents.

“If the CCP needs to be targeted, then this would be suggested by Virginia legislatures,” the wording said. “What is being presented will … denounce the practice as if the ‘CCP’ were specifically mentioned.”

Asian Community Service Center spokesman Jim Giragosian hopes more government bodies will name and shame the CCP’s crimes against humanity, especially those that target Falun Gong.

“By identifying the CCP and identifying Falun Gong, you will take forced organ harvesting from a theoretical concept to a real crime perpetrated by a real criminal organization against real victims,” he said at the board meeting. “You can not only warn residents of the risks of traveling to China for an organ transplant but you can also help bring the practice of forced organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners to an end.”

Persecution survivor Ma Chunmei spent four years in jail for refusing to stop doing standing and sitting meditation exercises and behaving honestly, kindly, and patiently in daily life.

“She was brutally tortured and forced to work up to 19 hours a day, and the items she made were exported to be sold in the United States,” spokeswoman Cindy Shao said at the meeting. “While in prison, Ms. Ma was subjected to a variety of medical examinations [and,] only after she was released, did she realize that these were the same type of examinations used to determine organ compatibility. In other words, Ms. Ma was considered a potential organ donor.”

Although Ma was fortunate to survive, her 12 fellow Falun Gong prisoners of conscience were tragically tortured to death.

“The CCP attempted to force them to renounce their faith,” Shao explained. “We hope that your resolution will help to educate our community about the persecution of Falun Gong in China and the potential risk of traveling to China for an organ transplant.”

Chairman Clay Jackson described the CCP’s conduct as “most appalling,” before the board unanimously voted to adopt the resolution. No objections were recorded.

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