The Republican Study Committee (RSC), the largest group of conservatives in the House led by Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.), launched an offensive on Feb. 16, to show Americans the policies Biden administration officials are allowing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to use to subjugate the United States.

According to a Breitbart exclusive, the committee plans to release reports throughout Joe Biden’s tenure showing how he and his officials, along with Democrats in Congress are allowing the CCP to once again dominate the United States.

“The Biden administration has lifted almost every single tough action the Trump administration took on China and has already demonstrated a clear pattern of going back to the tried and failed strategy of supporting China’s rise,” Banks stated.

He added, “It’s not enough to compete with China, we must continue President Trump’s approach to confront China. The Chinese Communist Party is not a partner, it’s the greatest threat to the U.S. and worldwide freedom and prosperity, and if we fail to treat them as such, we will reap severe consequences.”

The first report released titled Biden on China: bad policies—bad personnel, details eight major points from the Trump administration that the current Democratic president reversed:

  1. Biden will allow China and Russia to access or even own part of the U.S. energy grid; a natural resource in the hands of the adversary.
  2. Biden rejoined the WHO despite the fact that this organization helped the CCP cover up its mishandling of the pandemic that wreaked havoc around the world, especially in the United States.
  3. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo refused to maintain the trade restriction on Huawei, a company in the service of the CCP to steal intellectual property and spy on Americans.
  4. The Treasury Department delayed until May sanctions on Chinese People’s Liberation Army-linked companies operating in the country, which in China are accused of engaging in organ harvesting from living people for sale.
  5. The White House refused to condemn as genocide the crackdown on Uighurs in Xinjiang and said it was reviewing former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s statement that confirmed the atrocity.
  6. Current Secretary of State Tony Blinken rejoined the U.N. “human rights” council, an organization chaired by the most genocidal regime in modern history, the Chinese Communist Party, which does not normally accuse the U.S. of violating human rights; pathetic.
  7. Removed Trump’s proposed requirement that universities and colleges make public their relationship with Confucius Institutes, another propaganda arm of the Chinese communist regime.
  8. Biden announced that he is “reviewing” whether TikTok presents a national security threat as the previous administration accused, providing evidence of how the app sends its U.S. users’ data to China.

The report concluded, “Despite tough talk on China, such as Secretary Blinken saying that Trump was right to take a tougher approach to China, the Biden administration’s actions have shown they will do the opposite.”

He warns that the United States cannot view the CCP as a “competitor” and use the same tactics of “cooperation” because “the CCP is seeking to fundamentally reorder the international system in its image based on communist authoritarianism.”

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