House Republicans said the Democrats’ report on the findings from its impeachment inquiry is the latest conspiracy theory and their impeachment effort is baseless and nakedly partisan, which the American people will see through.

The Democrat-led House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday, Dec. 3, released its nearly 300-page impeachment report in which it claimed President Donald Trump had misused his office to gain foreign help in the presidential race for 2020. The committee also voted 13-9 to adopt the report, with all Republicans voting against while all Democrats voting for.

In a response to the move, Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) pointed out the “far too many problems” of the report.

First and up front, Democrats released the report to the public around 2:00 p.m., but it is 300 pages, and they were having the full Intelligence Committee vote on the report just a few hours later on the same day. Meadows said it “should be an automatic red flag.”

Second, Democrats claimed President Trump “demanded” Ukraine investigations, building their case on this using Alexander Vindman—former National Security Council official, who said he interpreted the call this way too.

Meadows cited Vindman’s testimony to show that the “demand” characterization is ridiculous.

Additionally, Meadows said that Tim Morrison, Vindman’s superior, also testified and directly undermined Vindman’s interpretation, saying there was no “demand” at all.

Third, Democrats relied enormously on U.S. Ambassador to the E.U. Gordon Sondland whose name appears over 600 times in their report. But Meadows argued that when Sondland was asked if he had any evidence that President Trump tied aid to investigations, the ambassador said no—”other than my own presumption.”

“So again, for the entire reason we’re here—the accusation that President Trump tied aid and political investigations—Gordon Sondland, one of the Democrats’ most featured witnesses (cited 600+ times), admits he has no evidence of it,” Meadows wrote. “That is stunning.”

Fourth, not just Sondland, no Democrat witness brought any firsthand knowledge of President Trump’s decisions. Bill Taylor, George Kent, Marie Yovanovitch, or Vindman, none of them could provide any firsthand information of the president tying aid to political investigations.

Fifth, Ambassador Kurt Volker, who actually spoke to President Trump and had firsthand knowledge, shredded the Democrats’ case, and they ignored it.

Volker testified that President Trump never told him of an aid/political investigations link, and Ukraine never mentioned it either, Meadows said, adding that Tim Morrison confirmed Volker’s account.

“In other words, these Democrat-led impeachment hearings were one career bureaucrat after another saying (without evidence) they “believed” there was a political quid pro quo—while officials in the room say it never happened,” Meadows said.

Sixth, between July 18 (when the aid got paused) and Sept. 11 (when the aid was released), there were five interactions between President Zelenskiy and U.S. officials, but a link between aid/investigations was discussed in zero of those interactions, and the Democrat report virtually ignored this.

“Democrats can write what they want, but they can’t provide any serious evidence supporting this latest conspiracy theory. And they know it,” Meadows concluded. “This Democrat impeachment effort is (and will continue to be) baseless and nakedly partisan. Americans will see through it.”

Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), a Republican ranking member at the House Oversight Committee, also criticized the Democrats’ report.

Jordan said no matter what the Democrats wrote, four facts would not change: The call transcript shows no linkage; President Trump and President Zelenskiy both say no pressure; Ukraine did not know aid was held up at the time of the call; and Ukraine never took any action to get aid released.

Despite no factual basis and no Republican support, the Intelligence Committee sent the report to the House Judiciary Committee, which will begin its first hearing on Wednesday.

House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) lamented that the hearing is an orchestrated scam against President Trump “with a predetermined outcome.”