Republican voters used to choose Ronald Reagan as the best president in the U.S. history, but in the latest survey, they now call Donald Trump that.

The Economist/YouGov survey, released on Monday, Feb. 15, showed that 36% of Republicans named Trump as the best president ever, followed by Reagan with 18%, Abraham Lincoln with 13%, and George Washington with 11%.

These positions are reversed from 2018, when the last survey was conducted. In 2018, Republican respondents ranked Reagan first (36%), Lincoln second (15%), Washington third (14%), then Trump fourth (10%).

Thus, the percentage of Republicans who choose Trump as the best president has tripled over the past three years.

Meanwhile, Democratic voters still ranked Barack Obama as the best president in U.S. history in both 2018 and 2021.

In contrast, the survey also indicated that most Americans think Obama or Trump as the worst presidents in the United States, with 59% of Republicans calling Obama, while 79% of Democrats choosing Trump.

Among all Americans, Trump comes in third as the best president, following Obama and Lincoln.