Attorney Daniel Cameron became the first Republican elected attorney general of Kentucky on Tuesday night, Nov. 5, in more than 70 years, becoming the first African-American ever to be elected to the position.

The voters of Kentucky selected Daniel Cameron to be the next top law enforcement officer as the Republican defeated Democrat Greg Stumbo with 689,897 votes, according to WSAZ News

Cameron will replace outgoing Attorney General Andy Beshear who is running for governor.

“It’s really heartwarming and encouraging when folks regardless of political affiliation walk up to you and express support for the idea that you put yourself out there and made a decision to put your name on a ballot,” Cameron said. “I can hit the ground running. I bring that experience to the table,” LEX 18 reported.

Cameron is now the first African-American individually elected to Kentucky’s state-wide post. Cameron also is the first African-American to serve as attorney general and the first Republican in the post in more than 70 years.

“I’ve been a trial lawyer for over 40 years,” Cameron added. “I’ve prosecuted both criminal and civil cases through my career. So experience we think matters in the attorney general office.”

The Herald-Ledger said that Cameron is a conservative who ran on his opposition to abortion, gun control and illegal immigration.

“I won’t substitute my policy positions for the judgments of the legislature,” Cameron said. “I think that’s one of the reasons people have been frustrated with the current (attorney general’s) office, is that they’ve decided to pick and choose which laws and which pieces of legislation they are going to defend. I’m going to make certain to defend them all.”

In Kentucky campaign rally early this week, President Trump endorsed Cameron, calling him a star.

“Mr. President, I hope you can tell that Kentucky is Trump country. We are proud to stand with you on pro-life issues in here in the Commonwealth, we are going to stand up for those who cannot speak for themselves,” Cameron said at the rally. “Mr. President, we are going to stand with you in protecting the Second Amendment rights of all Kentuckians, and Mr. President, I make a personal commitment to you as the next Attorney General, we are going to make sure that Kentucky is never a sanctuary state. Thank you.”

Right after the election, President Trump tweeted to send congratulations to Cameron. The new Kentucky AG responded by committing “to take on the drug crisis, stop illegal immigration, and uphold the rule of law.”