Speculator George Soros injected $28.3 million in the first three months of 2020 into Democratic groups, which focus on voting rights and boosting the White House hopeful Joe Biden and Senate Democrats.

According to a report by Politico this week, Soros gave $5 million to pro-Biden Priorities USA and $7 million to Senate Majority PAC, which is aligned with Senate Democratic leadership. Those were among millions of dollars the billionaire donated in January and February to the main super PACs planning to help presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and Democratic Senate candidates.

Soros also pumped $10 million to Win Justice, which would fight voter disenfranchisement as states battle over whether to hold in-person voting in November, an increasingly pressing concern among Democrats.

“We made major commitments to the Win Justice coalition and coalition members because we want them to be strong and well-funded going into the 2020 election,” a spokesman for Soros said.

“The voters they talk to are among those who will most deeply and disproportionately be affected by the upheaval the COVID-19 pandemic appears likely to cause in November,” he said.

Rashad Robinson, a spokesman for Color of Change, which alongside groups like Planned Parenthood and the SEIU is a member of Win Justice, said, “The focus of Win Justice is helping to engage and mobilize irregular voters, to work to expand the base of people participating, and that’s what democracy should be about whether we’re in the midst of a crisis or not.”

Politico reported that Soros also donated major sums to groups building political power among women, including a $1 million donation to EMILY’s List, and $2 million to Supermajority.

The billionaire made a major down payment on the election at a moment when many in the Democratic political world have warned that PACs and campaigns may run out of money as the economy and donors’ pocketbooks seize up.

Soros, founder of the Open Society, an organization promoting groups and initiatives clearly influenced by 21st-century socialism, said at the last Davos forum in Switzerland that the 2020 elections in the United States would determine the “fate of the world.”

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