Joaquin Castro, the Democratic congressman from Texas, who also serves as chairman for his brother Julian Castro’s presidential campaign, has taken to the media this week to allege that President Trump contributed to last weekend’s shooting tragedy in El Paso, Texas.

Castro also criticized 44 San Antonio residents, by name, on his Twitter feed for making significant donations to President Trump’s campaign.

Speaking in a televised interview on MSNBC, on Monday, Castro called the mass shooting in El Paso, “the deadliest attack on the latino community in the United States’ history.” Castro subsequently blamed President Trump for language the president has used in describing illegal immigrants crossing the southern border and and calling for immigration reform.

Castro posted the TV interview on his Twitter feed, including his claim, “The El Paso terrorist manifesto included language that is eerily similar to the language the President has used to dehumanize and demonize Hispanic immigrants in this country. That violence just spilled over.”

Specifically, Castro objected to Trump describing mass illegal immigration through the U.S.’s southern border as an “invasion,” implying that Trump’s rhetoric contributed to last week’s shooting tragedy.

Castro went a step further by posting the names and employers of 44 max-level donors to Trump’s presidential campaign who live in the San Antonio area, a move that has been called “harassment” of Trump supporters.

Castro is far from the only Democrat who, in essence, is claiming that President Trump is partly to blame for one of last weekend’s shooting tragedies, due to his taking a hard stance on illegal immigration. Most of the candidates vying for the 2020 Democratic nomination have seized on last week’s shooting tragedies to criticize the president.

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