Congressman Jim Jordan strongly criticized the leaders of the Democratic Party on Monday during an interview. He also demanded to know if anyone will go to jail as a result of the many investigations targeting Hillary Clinton, and for the alleged irregularities of the investigation that failed to demonstrate an alleged collusion of President Donald Trump and Russia.

Jim Jordan, ranking Republican member of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, argued in an interview with Fox & Friends that Americans also want to know.

Jordan criticized Democratic lawmakers’ obsession with removing President Trump from office, urging them to investigate former FBI Director James Comey and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Jim Comey… is the guy solely responsible for putting the country through three years of this saga that we have now lived through,” he said after it became known last month that the Justice Department reported that the former FBI director violated agency rules by disclosing information about his conversations with President Trump to third parties.

Comey was also criticized for his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of an unsecured mail server to deal with official and intelligence matters when she was former President Barack Obama’s secretary of state.

The Democratic agenda fails

He also said much of the Democratic agenda that seeks to discredit and challenge President Trump is failing. “When you’re solely focused on going after the president, you can’t do what’s best for the country. And that’s been the problem with the Democrats,” Jordan said.

“The Michael Cohen hearing didn’t work out the way they wanted. The John Dean hearing didn’t work out the way they wanted, and of course, the Bob Mueller hearing and that investigation didn’t work out the way they wanted,” Jordan explained.

“But that doesn’t stop them. They’re going to continue to push this ridiculous impeachment narrative,” he added, reiterating what he had posted on his Twitter account.

In fact, Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee announced that they are preparing to take their first formal vote to define what Chairman Jerry Nadler calls an ongoing “impeachment investigation” of President Donald Trump, according to sources quoted by Politico.

“Congress just got back from the August recess,” Jordan wrote on Twitter.

“[Democratic] Representative Jerry Nadler’s first order of business: begin taking steps to impeach the President and take our guns away,” he continued. “This is the Left today,” he concluded.

The Ohio Republican noted that while trying to impeach the president “without a warrant,” the committee is failing to do necessary things, such as reinforcing the southern border and curbing China’s theft of intellectual property.

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