Rasmussen presented its latest results on Oct. 22, “52 percent of likely U.S. voters approve of President Donald Trump’s performance.

Although this same figure had already been reached on Sept. 26 in another Rasmussen poll, and also on Aug. 26 according to Zogby, returning to that level of approval just 11 days before the possible re-election is good news for President Trump and his voters. 

While different figures presented by mainstream media are often questioned, the upward thrust evident in recent surveys is clear for President Trump. 

Rasmussen also presented for President Trump earlier this month results that were in the double digits above those of his opponent, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“56 percent of Americans expect Trump to prevail over Biden in the November election, while 40 percent think Biden will win,” a 16-point difference, Rasmussen reported. 

“While most supporters think their party’s candidate will win, Republicans are more likely to believe that Trump will win (90 percent) than Democrats who think Biden will win (73 percent). Fifty-six percent of independents predict that Trump will win,” it added.

Meanwhile, President Trump is refining descriptions of the work he did during his first presidency, so that voters will have more clarity in defining his re-election. 

“11 DAYS! #MAGA” tweets Trump by attaching one of the most recent videos from his campaign.

Trump is also pleased with the results of the debate with Biden, and these are events that are considered very close to the final results of the election.

Biden age weighs heavily against him, about 77 years, and the constant mistakes and errors he makes in public, these have been taken as signs of mental deterioration.

In addition, the Democratic Party’s sharp turn to the radical left would indicate that the party has been taken over by the socialists, who would lead the nation down that path, undesirable for most Americans.

To make matters worse, Joe Biden and his family are involved in a gigantic wave of evidence that would involve them in serious acts of corruption, which have even put national security at risk since they reveal direct relations with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its top leaders.

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