Pro-life Democrats have no place in the party and Joe Biden does not object to abortion at any stage of pregnancy.

The Catholic League criticized Biden for emphasizing his pro-choice messages during the Democratic National Conference, leaving pro-life Democrats without a forum or a place in the party, Breitbart reported.

Bill Donhue, president of the Catholic League, issued a critical commentary on the Democratic platform’s 2020 messages on abortion after Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats for Life of America (DFLA), sent a letter to the Democratic Committee, making three key recommendations:

  • Do not oppose the Hayde and Helms Amendments, which prohibit the use of public funds for abortion
  • Make abortions rare and seek adoption as an alternative
  • Respect that every American decides on the basis of conscience on the issue of abortion

None of the recommendations were taken into consideration and in fact argues Donohue’s comment, the DNC messages bet on the contrary by asking to “repel the Hayde Amendment,” using the slogan “the right to reproductive freedom” which alludes to the “freedom to choose” whether or not to continue the pregnancy, and there is no mention of making abortions rare or that each American should decide for himself on this issue.

Donohue noted that Biden was once moderate on abortion but now he has turned to the extreme, “There is no abortion, at any time of pregnancy, or for any reason, that he finds objectionable,” Donohue said.

Biden recently received an endorsement from NARAL, the nation’s leading pro-choice organization, which launched a campaign to defend his from “sexist attacks” and labels him as a “champion for reproductive freedom.”

The commentary ends by reflecting on the Democratic Party’s leadership in the context of current events in the United States,” The country has become more pro-life, yet Biden has become more pro-abortion. This makes no sense politically, never mind morally. But it’s too late to change now. Biden has laid anchor with NARAL, the most rabid defender of abortion in the nation. In fact, they recently endorsed him.”

On the opposite side of the Democrats is President Trump, an avid defender of life and the first president in U.S. history to attend the March for Life in 2020.

The question now remains whether pro-life Democrats will follow their convictions and beliefs or betray them by voting Democratic.