President Donald Trump submitted new amendments to the 2020 U.S. budget in a letter to Congress the White House announced on May 13.

The president’s letter details corrections reflecting policy changes as well as increases to certain government and nongovernmental agencies.

On Twitter, the president confirmed he followed through on a promise earlier this year to reverse previous decisions and support federal funding for the Special Olympics.

He tweeted how he updated his budget to include $18 million for the Special Olympics, ”whose athletes inspire us and make our Nation so PROUD!”

Every presidential budget, including amendments, are taken as proposals reflecting the administration’s top priorities and intended appropriations but need to be considered and officially passed by Congress before being implemented.

The president also tweeted that his administration would be “fighting for $200 million for the Army Corps Everglades restoration work this year.” He asked Congress for help completing the world’s largest intergovernmental watershed restoration project “ASAP!”

President Trump also tweeted about protecting the Great Lakes. He said he is asking for “$300 million in my updated budget for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.”

Of note is the president’s promise to restore NASA to its greatness. He tweeted, “We are going back to the moon, then Mars. I am updating my budget to include an additional $1.6 billion so that we can return to Space in a BIG WAY!”

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