America recorded a lower than expected death count thanks to the president’s early intervention against the deadly Asian disease, a retired congresswoman said.

Former Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-N.Y.) believes the nation should thank President Donald Trump for introducing disease prevention measures that saved millions of Americans from dying of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus.

The ophthalmologist commended the Trump administration for banning mainland Chinese nationals without U.S. citizenship from entering the United States, a safety precaution that Australia, the European Union, and United Kingdom followed.

Hayworth also thought highly of social-distancing rules that require people to keep a 6-foot distance from others and stay at home unless it is absolutely necessary to travel for work, shopping for household items, attending medical appointments, or performing outdoor exercise.

“This decisive step has been credited with sparing millions of Americans from exposure to the virus, buying crucial time we needed to delay the wave of severe illness now familiarly known as the ‘curve,'” she said in an opinion piece published by Fox News. “Without any mitigation efforts by either state or federal governments, up to 2.2 million Americans would have died from COVID-19.”

At the time of publication more than 763,800 Americans had contracted the CCP Virus, 71,000 had recovered, and 40,500 died according to the Worldometer website. If the original worse case scenario had played out the death toll would have been 54 times greater and more than 164 million Americans would have been infected.

“Based on the best evidence and analysis to date, in mid-March, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that COVID-19 could kill up to 1.7 million people in the United States,” Hayworth said. “A model developed around the same time by the Council on Foreign Relations and Resolve to Save Lives predicted that between 163,500 and 1.6 million Americans could die from the pandemic, on the assumption that about 50 percent of our population would contract the disease.”

She also believes the president made the right decision to extend social distancing beyond the initial month.

Smart moves by the president

“The White House announced that the United States could expect between 100,000 and 240,000 coronavirus-related deaths by the end of the outbreak,” she said. “Wisely, the president extended social-distancing guidelines for another 30 days.”

Since the present number of CCP Virus cases is much lower than anticipated Hayworth believes the Trump administration’s efforts were a success especially in New York state, which was arguably the hardest hit.

“This wonderful news is a reminder that Americans can make miracles happen—thanks to their own determination, and to the tireless leadership of a president with remarkable foresight who has assembled a team of the world’s best experts to guide and facilitate our response to the pandemic,” she said. “[There was] a notable days-long fall in new hospitalizations in New York, where the pandemic has struck hardest. The state now projects a need for roughly 20,000 to 30,000 beds, compared with the 110,000 that [Democratic] Gov. Andrew Cuomo had previously said would be needed.”

The president revealed it has been challenging to work with Democrats due to their negativity and lack of cooperation.

“No matter what you do for the do-nothing-Democrats, no matter how great a job you are doing, they will only respond to their fake partners in the ‘lame stream media’ in the negative, even in a time of crisis,” he said on Twitter. “Nothing that anyone could have said, including ‘It is over,’ could have made them happy, or even a little bit satisfied. They were rude and nasty. This is their political playbook and they will use it right up to the election on Nov. 3.”

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