The multiple actions taken by President Donald Trump, in the care and conservation of the environment and its resources mark a path that does not stop since the beginning of his mandate, obtaining numerous achievements.

One of the laws that President Trump signed in 2018 was the John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation, Management and Recreation Act, which includes more than 100 bills introduced by 50 senators and other representatives, according to Real Clear Energy on Oct. 6. 

The act contains regulations on federal public lands and facilitates access to them through the Land and Water Conservation Fund and the Every Kid Outdoors program.

In addition, President Trump signed the Great American Outdoors Act in August to protect and enhance national parks and public lands and preserve national environmental treasures available for recreation for American families.

In terms of caring for natural forests, President Trump is the president who has worked hardest for their conservation, prioritizing the reduction of wildfire risk in the federal territory.

The United States presented the largest absolute decrease in energy-related carbon dioxide emissions worldwide.

Statistics show that air pollution has decreased by 7 percent since 2017, and that this trend will continue to improve in the future. 

America has the best drinking water

For water improvement, President Trump invested $38 billion in drinking water infrastructure. Additionally, he updated regulations to reduce lead in drinking water for the first time in 30 years.

“From day one, my administration has made it a top priority to ensure America has the cleanest air and water on the planet,” Trump said in the East Room of the White House last year. 

He continued, “And today, the United States is ranked—listen to this—number one in the world for access to clean drinking water—ranked number one in the world.”

Marine life

The large marine areas are also the object of his care. That’s why he signed the Save Our Seas Act to reduce marine waste.

At the international level, President Trump signed the agreement between the United States, Mexico, and Canada that will take responsibility for land and sea pollution and waste management. 

In caring for the marine environment, he led the creation of the first national marine sanctuary in nearly 20 years in Mallows Bay, Maryland.

The list of benefits and environmentally friendly legislation is even more extensive. 

President Trump changed the policies of the Obama administration and has prioritized income for American workers. 

“The previous administration waged a relentless war on American energy. We can’t do that. They sought to punish our workers, our producers, and manufacturers with ineffective global agreements that allowed the world’s worst-polluting countries to continue their practices” President Trump explained.

“These radical plans would not make the world cleaner; they would just make and put Americans out of work, and they put them out of work rapidly. They moved production to foreign countries with lower standards—our companies were forced to do that, and they didn’t want to do that—and they drive up the price of gas and electricity at home, and drive it to levels that are literally unaffordable,” he added.

He then assured that he would avoid the so-called green “New Deal” of the leftist Democrats, which would cause the loss of millions of jobs.

“We have only one America. We have only one planet. That’s why, every day of my presidency, we will fight for a cleaner environment and a better quality of life for every one of our great citizens” Trump concluded in July of last year.  

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