Former Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications and Speechwriting Michael Anton said the indictment of President Donald Trump looks like an “inside job” that a group of legislators would have fabricated to remove the president.

During an interview on WMAL’s “Mornings on the Mall” radio program Tuesday, Nov. 19, Anton noted that the interruption of Alexander Vindman’s interrogation during hearings by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff reveals Democrats’ fear that the anonymous whistleblower may be discovered and the role of Democratic legislators in this matter.

“It looks like an inside job of a bunch of career bureaucrats getting together and saying, ‘We’ve wanted to impeach this guy for three years. How do we do it? Oh wait, I think we’ve found a way,'” said Anton on the radio show, according to The Daily Caller. 

Anton said that’s why Schiff stopped the interrogation by Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) of Alexander Vindman on Wednesday just as he was saying he talked about the call between President Donald Trump and the Ukrainian president with an “unnamed official.”

After the interruption, Vindman refused to “answer specific questions about members of the intelligence community,” Anton said.

According to Daily Caller journalist Chuck Ross, a tweet from Mark Zaid, the anonymous whistleblower’s attorney would suggest that Vindman spoke to is the whistleblower.

“If read closely, this suggests that whoever Vindman spoke to after the call is indeed the whistleblower. Adam Schiff just interrupted to prevent Vindman from being asked about this, since it might touch on questions about the whistleblower,” Ross wrote on Twitter.

If Schiff stopped the interrogation to prevent Republicans from making the association between Vindman and the whistleblower, Ross believes it would be ‘circular reporting’ dangerously reminiscent of the Steele Dossier and the false Russian plot they launched against President Trump in 2016.

“Seems pretty important to establish whether Vindman was a source for the whistleblower, especially since Dems are holding Vindman out as independent corroboration of the whistleblower,” Ross wrote. “This is circular reporting. Reminiscent of the Steele Dossier,” added Ross.

It seems that, on this basis, all supposedly ‘independent’ testimonies actually come from a single source: the anonymous whistleblower, and the Democrats are trying to prevent this from being discovered.