A television personality strangely accused the former president of resenting his successor’s achievements in public office.

Fox News political analyst Juan Williams claimed Donald Trump’s recent speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference shows he envies President Joe Biden.

“His comments about Biden, I thought were intriguing because it seemed to be so revealing,” Williams said in a video shared on Rumble. “It was seeming like he is jealous.”

The analyst then speculated President Trump felt insecure about the Biden administration’s response to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus that allegedly reduced the rates of infection and death.

“It seems to me that he is jealous of the idea that Biden is having success,” he said. “He is jealous about the idea that the vaccines are getting out.”

Williams claimed the previous president was also upset about speculation the next CCP Virus stimulus package will soon pass through both chambers of Congress.

“He is jealous about the idea that somehow the rescue package has already passed the House and looks like it is on its way through the Senate successfully by the end of this week,” he said.

He even suggested President Trump’s jealousy was so obvious that he could see it throughout the speech.

“I think he is just jealous, I mean it is coming out of his ears,” he said.

The analyst revealed his biggest complaint about the former president was his enduring popularity among GOP supporters, even though his first term ended back on Jan. 20.

“It is just so difficult when everything focuses just on one personality,” he said. “It sure was like naked night, it was like a re-run [and] I have heard that speech before. That speech obviously turns on a lot of people, I will say that for him.”

He also has a problem with President Trump continuing to announce he should have won another four years in office at the November election.

“The big news out of it for me though was he still says he won the election and is continuing to promote that fiction, even though we know it is so damaging to the country,” he said. “I think he is promoting, again more division not only in the country but in the party.”

Williams suggested he wanted the Republican Party to rally around those members who betrayed their former party president.

“I think people inside the Republican Party are also looking to try to find a way to go forward to build a party going forward,” he said. “[President Trump] says there is a list of people in the Republican Party to go after, the people who told the truth about not only the election but what happened on Jan. 6.”

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