President Donald Trump expressed growing concern about election fraud that could occur on Nov. 3, particularly in light of the serious allegations of mail-in voting.

“I’ve been complaining very strongly about the [postal] vote and the vote is a disaster, the vote is out of control,” President Trump told a reporter after a White House conference on Sept. 23.

“And you know who knows it better than anybody else? The Democrats know it better than everybody else,” Trump added.

The complex situation that arises from the numerous irregularities presented by the mail-in ballots allows for the intervention of the Supreme Court, which would define the eventual claims that could be presented.

“This scam that the Democrats are pulling will go before the U.S. Supreme Court, and I think that having a 4-4 situation [because there are 8 judges] is not a good situation,” Trump argued against that possibility, according to Reuters.

The lack of credibility of absentee ballots is largely due to the dismantling of the anachronistic system used by each of the states in the absence of a controllable unified national system.

In addition, there have been numerous irregularities in postal voting. In the most recent one, three mailboxes were found in a ditch, according to the Department of Justice on Sept. 21.

Upon inspection, the mail-in ballots found inside were all in favor of President Trump. The FBI initiated investigations.

Following complaints, a federal judge ruled that the postal service should prioritize election mail.

“The right to vote is too vital a value in our democracy to be left in a state of suspense in the minds of voters weeks before a presidential election, raising doubts as to whether their votes will ultimately be counted,” said U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

In a special election held in the state of New Jersey in May, at least 10 percent of the ballots that were mailed were rejected.

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) warned 46 states and Washington, D.C., that it may not be able to handle the large number of votes expected by mail for the upcoming election.

Trump has viewed with concern the trajectory followed by the absentee ballots, sent by mail, and sees in it the intervention of the Democrats.

“They know it’s going to be a disaster,” Trump said, adding, “There are going to be millions of lost votes. There’s going to be fraud, it’s a disaster. This is going to be the scam of all time.”

“They’re sending tens of millions of ballots to everybody, people who didn’t expect them. People are being inundated with ballots. They”ll be showered with ballots,” President Trump said at a Sept. 18 press conference.

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