President Donald Trump will be re-elected if his demands for justice are met by eliminating one million illegitimate votes, presented by Democrats in three states for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. 

Broadly speaking, there are more than 500,000 votes in Georgia, more than 200,000 in Wisconsin and more than 200,000 in Pennsylvania, which were included in the accounts in violation of laws that determine they should have been eliminated because they do not meet mandatory standards, reports The Gateway Pundit on Dec. 31. 

The magnitude of the fraud is even greater, as another complaint filed with the Supreme Court challenges the receipt and counting of several hundred thousand more votes received in Pennsylvania after the valid deadline.

For nearly two months, President Trump’s lawyers have waged a meticulous and grueling campaign to defend electoral integrity. The 75 million citizens that voted for President Trump’s re-election reflect strong opposition to accepting a President elected by illegal votes.

The amount of evidence is so outrageous that nearly 140 congressmen, including representatives and senators, have expressed their intention to challenge the state electoral colleges’ results, which wrongly point to Biden as the winner. 

While it is still possible that some courts will rule in favor of the requests of Trump’s lawyers, including the Supreme Court, an epic day of defense of the will of the voters is expected next Wednesday, Jan. 6.

On that day, a large crowd of citizens will descend on Washington D.C. to demand that the congressmen exercise the authority conferred by the constitution and choose other options to determine the next president, in view of the failed election.

After they have read the votes sent in by each Electoral College, the Election Count Act of 1876 allows Congress members to object to the designated candidate during the joint session. 

A representative and a senator are sufficient as objectors, who must submit a written statement justifying their decision. 

From there, delegations from the Republican majority in the Senate and those from the House could ensure President Trump’s re-election, since each state is entitled to only one vote, regardless of its size or population.

While President Trump may have more drastic options at his disposal, such as the declaration of Martial Law granting him special powers, he has made it clear that he will adhere to the provisions of the U.S. Constitution.