President Donald Trump has surpassed the New Hampshire primary vote total of any incumbent president running for re-election over the last four decades.

With 85% of precincts reporting, President Trump had 86% of the vote in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday night, Feb. 11. His only major challenger, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, received about 9% of the vote, The Associated Press reported.

“With most of the vote in, Trump already had amassed more votes in the New Hampshire primary than any incumbent president in history,” The Associated Press declared shortly after polls in the state closed.

The news outlet added that President Trump’s vote share is approaching the modern historical high for an incumbent president, 86.43% set by Ronald Reagan in 1984.

President Trump’s re-election campaign championed the result, touting that he is “very likely to beat the vote percentages of the last 3 incumbent presidents who won re-election, including Bill Clinton (winning 84% of the vote in 1996), George W. Bush (80% in 2004), and Barack Obama (82% in 2012).

Such an outcome reflects the strong support among Republicans for the president and after his campaign attempted to diminish any significant threats to his renomination.

In his reaction after the result, President Trump targeted the bias news outlets, tweeting, “The Fake News Media is looking hard for the Big Democrat Story, but there is nothing too fabulous” because he “got more New Hampshire Primary Votes than any incumbent president.”