President Donald Trump in a speech Wednesday afternoon, Oct. 14, targeted the New York Economic Club for its support of Democratic candidate Joe Biden and warned of the economic crisis in the United States should Democratic leftist policies win.

During the speech delivered virtually from the White House, President Trump addressed New York’s economic elite, saying, “I don’t understand your thinking. I don’t understand how you can be backing such policies, but you’re wrong. I can only assume it’s habit.” Breitbart reported.

He also specifically targeted some of the members of the New York Economic Club as “globalists,” saying they benefited from the policies of the administration led by former President Barack Obama and Biden.

“The last administration sold out American workers like never before, and they sold them to donors’ special interests and globalists,” Trump noted. “And if you take a look we have probably plenty of them watching right now, and I understand where you are coming from but it didn’t work out too well with me.”

He then continued his speech by drawing a parallel between his economic policies and those proposed by Democratic candidate Biden by saying,  “Simply put, it’s a choice between a socialist nightmare and the American dream.”

President Trump, according to the Post, used his speech to announce a tax cut for middle-class Americans and the generation of 10 million new jobs in case he wins a second term in the White House. He also assured that he would promote a speedy economic recovery in an exponential manner for the United States during the next few years.

In contrast, Biden said that if elected, he would raise taxes for the wealthiest Americans, while families earning less than $400,000 a year would not see increases. A typical socialist measure, which aims to punish those who have the money to invest and generate wealth in the system and to benefit certain sectors with certain measures, which have the sole objective of keeping them controlled and under the Democrats’ control. 

President Trump also added, “We will end the pandemic with a safe and effective vaccine, create 10 million jobs in the first 10 months of 2021, and quickly return to full employment.” 

He ended his speech by repeating his message against the Chinese Communist Party, accusing it again of being solely responsible for the spread of the CCP Virus and assuring that his administration will continue to be strong in holding them accountable, unlike his Democratic opponent Joe Biden.

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