The president had no qualms with witnesses testifying at the continuing impeachment inquiry on Nov. 26.

Donald Trump would be very pleased to hear more reliable testimonials at the House Democrat-led impeachment public hearings.

“The D.C. wolves and fake news media are reading far too much into people being forced by courts to testify before Congress,” the president said on Twitter. ” I am fighting for future presidents and the office of the president. Other than that, I would actually like people to testify.”

He questioned Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), who led most of the investigation, for forcing former White House Counsel Don McGahn to testify at the hearing.

“His lawyer has already stated that I did nothing wrong,” Trump said on Twitter. “John Bolton is a patriot and may know that I held back the money from Ukraine because it is considered a corrupt country, and I wanted to know why nearby European countries weren’t putting up money also.”

Trump would instead like to see the incumbent secretary of state, secretary of energy, and office of management and budget director testify at the hearing. He also expressed his dissatisfaction with the Democratic Party’s many attempts to undermine the Oval Office.

“I would love to have Mike Pompeo, Rick Perry, Mick Mulvaney and many others testify about the phony impeachment hoax,” the president said on Twitter. “It is a Democrat scam that is going nowhere but, future presidents should in no way be compromised. What has happened to me should never happen to another president.”

However, Schiff did not appear to be interested in inviting Pompeo, Perry, and Mulvaney to testify at the public hearings even after reading the president’s remarks. Schiff dismissed Trump’s remarks on social media as an admission of guilt.

“There’s only one thing less plausible than the claim Trump was actually concerned with corruption in Ukraine, as opposed to getting dirt on the Bidens,” Schiff said on Twitter. “That he’s more concerned about future presidents than he is about concealing evidence of his own misconduct. No one buys it.”

The heated exchange came as the House of Representatives reaches the end of its probe. Fox News reported the investigation panel will  prepare a report on its findings and submit it to to the House Judiciary Committee to consider whether there are valid reasons to draft any articles of impeachment after Thanksgiving.

There is a chance Pompeo may make a last minute appearance at the hearings.

“When the time is right, all good things happen,” the secretary of state said according to Fox News.