President Donald Trump is urging Republican senators to support his emergency declaration for border funding, and says any efforts to change the national emergency law should come later.

In a series of morning tweets, Trump renewed his veto possibility against a resolution of disapproval senators and defended the legality of declaring an emergency to build a border wall.

“Prominent legal scholars agree that our actions to address the National Emergency at the Southern Border and to protect the American people are both CONSTITUTIONAL and EXPRESSLY authorized by Congress….,” Trump said.

The president also mentioned the possibility of agreeing to changes to the national-emergency law “at a later date,” a proposal floated by Republican senators to avert the standoff.

“A vote for today’s resolution by Republican Senators is a vote for Nancy Pelosi, Crime, and the Open Border Democrats!” Trump tweeted.

Earlier on the day, the president tweeted: “The Democrats are “Border Deniers.” They refuse to see or acknowledge the Death, Crime, Drugs and Human Trafficking at our Southern Border!” 

The Senate is scheduled to vote Thursday on the resolution, with a number of Republicans expected to join Democrats in disapproving the declaration.

Trump tweeted early Thursday about “the big National Emergency vote today” in the Senate. He said, “I am prepared to veto, if necessary,” and called the situation at the border “a National Security and Humanitarian Nightmare.”

Vice President Mike Pence also urged senators on Capitol Hill to back President Trump’s national emergency declaration at the southern border.

He said on Wednesday: “A vote against the President’s emergency declaration is a vote against border security.  A vote against the President’s emergency declaration is a vote to deny the humanitarian and security crisis at our southern border.”

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