President Trump actively encourages Americans who have recovered from the CCP Virus to donate plasma to their local blood banks to help new patients recover more quickly.

President Trump, in a press conference from the Red Cross, called for American solidarity, especially those who have recovered from the CCP Virus, saying they have “something special” by being sick and should volunteer as soon as possible today to donate plasma for those still in the process of recovery. 

Scientists who met with the Trump administration at the Red Cross said that using plasma in recovering patients, as long as the application is at the primary stage of infection, is extremely efficient. Moreover, they are conducting studies to see if plasma could also be used to prevent infection.

There is really a lot of interest in further research into the use of plasma as a prophylactic (defending or protecting from disease or infection), if the results are positive, the consequences on the health system could have very important effects, especially in those people at high risk. By giving them temporary transfusions of immune stimulation, they would be much more protected at least until the arrival of a possible vaccine.  

More than 50,000 people have donated plasma in the United States since the beginning of the pandemic. But according to the group of professionals who met with President Trump, hundreds of thousands more donors are needed to meet the demand. 

The Trump administration is working to expand access and encourage plasma donations to combat the CCP Virus, the White House said in a news release. More than 14 major medical organizations are participating together—including the Red Cross, the American Blood Centers, and the American Medical Association—to cooperate in disseminating information and collecting and distributing the donations. 

As the press release continued, the Trump administration has also coordinated with state and local officials, as well as community leaders and celebrities, to spread the message about plasma donation.

It was also emphasized that President Trump is using all economic and social resources at his disposal to develop vaccines and other safe and effective therapies in record time. In the meantime, the development of plasma appears to be an excellent alternative for antibodies against the virus.