Republican lawmakers held a meeting in Arizona on Monday, Nov. 30. President Trump phoned into the hearing to give encouragement, support, and praise them for standing up against the Democratic voter fraud.

As Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis held the phone to the microphone, they heard the president say, as he has on numerous occasions, that he won the swing states of Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Wisconsin.

He also reminded listeners he had collected 11 million more votes than he had in the 2016 election.

“The 2020 election was rigged, it is a scam, and the whole world is watching, and they are laughing at us.”

When the audience realized the president was on the phone, there were plenty of cheers and applause.

“What they did is they played games, and games like nobody has ever seen before,” Trump said, referring to the Democrats. “This is the first time that Republicans or the first time anyone has fought back,” reported Breitbart.

“I’ve been watching the hearings, and they’re fascinating, incredible,” he said.

Arizona voting was close, with Biden leading the votes by 10,457, and the president praised those witnesses who dared to step forward after seeing voter fraud occurring.

“I know some get heat, but many more get praise from the American public,” Trump said.

The president made mention of Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, who rushed through the certification process.

“On top of it, you have a governor named Ducey,” he said as the crowd booed. “He just rushed to sign certificates … what’s that all about? He didn’t have to sign it. I say, why would he sign when you have these incredible hearings going on that’s showing such corruption and such horrible fraud?”

Showing his displeasure, the president said, “You have to figure out what that’s all about with Ducey. He couldn’t go fast enough,” President Trump said, adding, “We’re not going to forget what Ducey just did.”

The president mentioned the allegations by voters who arrived to cast their vote, only to be told their vote had already been filled out, others were paid to vote, and mail-in votes were put through without any Republicans being able to view them.

“This shows how arrogant the Democrats and others were in taking away and stealing an election,” he said.

He mentioned the criticism he had to suffer, with many suggesting he take the “easier route” and focus on the 2024 election instead of fighting against the massive fraud.

“I said, ‘No,’” he recalled. “I have to focus on two weeks ago. Because this is the greatest scam ever perpetrated on our country. This is the big one.”

He said the people of Arizona are to be admired for conducting the hearing, despite pressure from corporate media.

“We admire all of the people, and that includes all of these representatives that are up there and doing a great job,”

Trump said. “What they don’t realize is that they might hear some things, but they’re becoming legend for taking this on.”

We’re gonna win this thing,” said the president.

He praised Giuliani and his team for having the courage to take up the fight.

“This is the most important thing you have ever done,” he told Giuliani.

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