President Trump took another step in supporting faith-based historically black colleges and universities, announcing on Tuesday, Sept. 10, he will lift a ban on federal funding for more than 40 faith-based HBCUs and seminaries.

“Today, I’m thrilled to announce another major action we’re taking to protect HBCUs,” the president told a conference on historically black colleges and universities meeting in Washington.

The president said federal law had restricted these faith-based institutions from fully tapping a program that provides federal loan guarantees for their capital improvement projects.

“This meant that your faith-based institutions, which have made such extraordinary contributions to America, were unfairly punished for their religious beliefs,” he said.

The president announced that a recent Justice Department legal opinion declared such “discriminatory restrictions as unconstitutional.”

“From now on, faith-based HBCUs will enjoy equal access to federal support,” said the president.

With the federal support, HBCU students can have access to training in high-demand fields such as science, technology, engineering, math, and job opportunities.

“We want to help each student have the experience they need to get a tremendous job, enjoy a rewarding career, and join our great national effort to rebuild America, which is what we’re doing,” he added.

President Trump has kept his commitment to assist HBCUs since taking office by signing a farm bill that included more than $100 million for scholarships and research, providing more than $500 million in loans and an additional grant of $15 million to the only federally chartered HBCU. He also relocated the federal HBCU initiative to the White House from the Education Department.

During the speech, president Trump praised these institutions as “pillars of excellence” and “engines of advancement for African American citizens.”

“Our Historically Black Colleges and Universities have always challenged our nation to be better and braver, to do what is right, to dream bigger, aim higher, and always be bolder in pursuit of what is just, decent, and true,” he added. “My administration is deeply devoted to advancing this amazing legacy of success, commitment, and contribution to our nation.”

“African Americans have thrived under the policies of President Trump,” Ken Blackwell who served as mayor of Cincinnati said. “Just imagine what we will be able to accomplish for our community and the entire country with four more years of President Donald Trump in the White House.”

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