Supporters of President Donald Trump on Wednesday night, Nov. 4 gathered outside the Maricopa County Elections Office in Arizona demanding answers over the controversy related to voting irregularities. 

A group of around 200 people chanted “count the vote” and “Fox News [expletive removed]” outside the building to register their opposition to the network’s early call for Arizona for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday night. 

Fox News was the first outlet that declared Biden the winner in Arizona although the race remains open there, while others have refrained from calling the state for Biden. The move sparked backlash from the president’s supporters and conservative commentators on social media who said it was proof of media bias.

The Trump campaign has asked the outlet to retract the call but Fox declined and decision desk director Arnon Mishkin said Biden was in “very good standing” in Maricopa County. 

“I’m sorry, the president is not going to be able to take over and win enough votes to eliminate the seven-point lead the former vice president has,” Mishkin said. “We are four standard deviations from being wrong, and I’m sorry, we’re not wrong in this case.”

However, according to New York Times Patrick LaForge, there was an error in Arizona’s vote count that made it appears as though a higher percentage of votes in the state had been counted.

“An error was found in the data feed from Edison Research (used by @nytimes and other news organizations) for Arizona results—86 percent of ballots have been counted, not 98 percent,” LaForge said on Twitter. “NYT has not called the state for Biden, though he still leads.”

President Trump’s supporters also sought answers after a report emerged on Wednesday that showed ballots marked with Sharpie felt-tipped pens were being rejected at the polls.

President Trump remained in a “very, very, very good position” to win re-election, according to his campaign manager Bill Stepien.

“We are confident in our pathway. We are confident in our math. We said all along we are viewing some of these races as math equations,” Stepien said. “If we count all legal ballots, the president wins.”

In Arizona, “we know that a final batch of mail-in ballots is being counted. We know that these ballots are counted sequentially, meaning that late-arriving votes or ballots cast closest to Election Day are the ones being counted now. We know and expect that about a half-million votes are left to be counted,” he said.

“And based on the math that we have been seeing as these late-arriving ballots are counted, anywhere from two-thirds to 70 percent of these votes are coming to the president, that math adds up to a margin of around 30,000 in the president’s favor.”

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