During a rally in Winston-Salem, on Tuesday, Sept. 8, President Donald Trump spoke about his goals and priorities in his second term of office.

According to the Townhall, President Trump promised schooling options for the country’s parents, and also promised to seek trade agreements that would make the United States a manufacturing powerhouse, thus ending U.S. dependence on Chinese Communist Party (CCP) while stimulating wages in the country.

“We will bring our companies back home where they should be. And I’ve been doing a lot of it but we’re going to do it at a level nobody ever thought possible,” President Trump said.

He also hopes to continue hiring law enforcement officers across the country and placing prosecutors in “high crime communities”; he stated that U.S. citizens will continue to receive benefits before illegal aliens, and sanctuary cities will be terminated.

According to President Trump, illegal aliens arrive en masse on U.S. soil because they know they are provided with “free health care, free lawyers, and free college and free everything.”

“We want people to come to our country but they have to come here through merit and they have to come in legally. Very simple,” the president said, according to Townhall.

He promised to appoint judges and Justices who are committed to upholding the law, protecting the sanctity of life as well as the right to bear arms.

President Trump also said that terrorists who threaten U.S. citizens will be targeted and as for the troops abroad, he assured that the country will stay out of ridiculous wars, announcing a restructuring of the U.S. military.

According to the Military Times, the Trump administration is expected to announce today, Wednesday, the withdrawal of additional troops from Iraq in line with the promises it made during the campaign when it said it would free the country from “endless wars.”

Two weeks ago, President Trump told reporters that he looked forward to the day when U.S. troops could be completely withdrawn from the Middle East, although Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that such a move would be contemplated once the mission is completed.