A proposal to reduce the time required to diagnose the deadly CCP Virus was quickly rejected by the Democratic Party.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has refused a Trump administration offer to distribute the ID Now COVID-19 (CCP Virus) test, which Abbot Laboratories promises to identify the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus within five minutes.

“Congress is grateful for the administration’s generous offer to deploy rapid COVID-19 testing capabilities to Capitol Hill but we respectfully decline the offer at this time,” she said in a joint statement with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

The House speaker defended the decision to rely on conventional methods because they produce faster results, even though the existing test can take up to 48 hours to produce a result.

“Our country’s testing capacities are continuing to scale up nationwide and Congress wants to keep directing resources to the front-line facilities where they can do the most good the most quickly,” she said.

The manufacturer revealed the new testing equipment is contained in a box that is about the size of a small toaster, weighing just 6.6 pounds. It uses molecular point-of-care technology to identify a small section of the CCP Virus’s genome and amplify that portion until there is enough of the pathogen to accurately detect.

“This process can cut testing wait time from hours, if not days, to as little as five minutes for positive results and 13 minutes for negative results,” Abbot said in a statement. “We are ramping up production to deliver 50,000 ID Now COVID-19 tests per day, beginning next week, to the U.S. healthcare system.”

However, Pelosi plans to wait until the rapid testing equipment is widespread before deciding whether to adopt it at state-run health establishments.

“Consistent with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, Congress will use the current testing protocols that the Office of the Attending Physician has put in place until these speedier technologies become more widely available,” she said.

President Donald Trump believes party politics is the real reason the House speaker opposed the faster testing method.

“[There is] no reason to turn it down, except politics,” he said on Twitter. “We have plenty of testing [to do,] maybe you need a new doctor over there. Crazy Nancy will use it as an excuse not to show up to work.”

The president warned continuing to rely on slower testing methods could be interpreted as Congress not making rapid testing a priority to save American lives.

“Interesting? By Congress not wanting the special 5 minute testing apparatus, they are saying that they are not ‘essential,'” he said on Twitter.

He commended U.S. primary health professionals on administering the world’s highest number of CCP Virus tests.

“In any event, we have great testing capacity, and have performed 6.5 million tests, which is more than every country in the world, combined,” he said.

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